We saw the true England on Sunday night.

Messy, unadulterated, unfiltered, England.

For England is all of those things.

It is young men from Tyneside, Birmingham, Leeds, Brent, from Portsmouth and all, reaching heights we have seen only once before.

It is their prowess, their excellence, their team, their glory, and their pain.

It is Marcus Rashford, Black, British, and all of 23, feeding millions of schoolchildren when the government would not.

It is the entire team — no matter colour nor creed — taking the knee to protest racism, no matter the consequences.

It is a British government that…

Celebrating citizens of Ann Arbor congregate at the UM Diag

This hasn’t been the easiest week. I’ve spent much of it bleary-eyed, staying up as late as I can to catch the important vote drops. I know more now of the geographies of American politics than I ever expected to on November 3rd, which already feels like a decade ago. I think many of us in the Twittersphere have formed bizarre bonds to key places… who can forget refreshing every few seconds to see if Robin Kemp (@RKempNewsDaily) had an update from Clayton County, Georgia, as we watched the state glacially drift towards turning blue? There were so many other…

The impressive power of social media has been laid bare for all to see in the past two weeks, as the huge #EndSars protests and related online activism led to real change in Nigeria. The protests will continue, of course, as many Nigerians are seeking more serious reforms. It was those tweets though — some 28 million of them — that propelled the issue onto the world stage.

In Cameroon, social media has been used effectively to raise awareness of the Anglophone Crisis, though it has never quite been as successful as the unprecedented #EndSars movement. It could be argued…

William Burton

By day, I make maps. By night, I investigate war crimes.

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